Behaviors and Attitudes

This very well should be the first step in the staircase, but it is such a big step that one must spend a lot of time learning what works and what does not work. It involves your very essence or being. Most of the skills learned within the scope of this topic would help anyone improve their own personal and family life. I am convinced that this area improved my well being significantly.

The most common personality type I have seen in most pain patients is the the people pleasing perfectionistic person. The most important behaviors to learn are pacing ones activities and losing the obsessive compulsine behavioral tendencies.

The main topics in this area are:

1. Reducing and eliminating anxiety and fears

2. Stopping self deception and self betrayal.

3. Taking responsibility, and understanding the damaging effects of victim psychology.

4. Not doing things that cause pain. (It happens all the time).

5. Taking charge of your health.

6. Nurturing discipline.

7. Making the effort to learn about yourself and who you are.

8. Understanding the basis of emotions and feelings.

9. Understanding your moods, fears, emotions, and rage on a deeper level.

9. Learning living skills and communication skills.

10. Learn about triggers and boundaries

11. Pacing.

12. Narcissistic tendencies to think only about yourself and not others, like your kids. What a parent in pain needs to watch out for in their kids.

And many more things that make life better. Skills that everyone should learn as a young adult but don't. Or things your parents, family, and friends did not teach you or things you did not learn from them.