About Dr Dave

Welcome to my web site. This web site is intended for the education of my patients. I approach the problem of chronic pain from a point of view that is perhaps a little different than most practitioners in the field of Pain Medicine. I want to encourage my patients to have a plan, and to keep working at the plan everyday. My orientation is toward finding things that pain patients can do. Too many times, patients go from doctor to doctor hoping for the magic cure. Too many times, the doctor and patient give up on making progress, and too many patients are willing to go month after month, doing the same thing over and over.

My own story of pain starts with aches and muscle pains which were diagnosed as fibromyalgia ( a diagnosis and word I dislike tremendously) After awhile, I had multi-level cervical disc removal and fusions with bone grafts. Afterwards, I spent four years on high doses of pain medication, for non-union and other adverse things, that generally come under the "I did not heal well and hurt" category. I found myself unable to continue to perform surgery safely and I was miserable as well. Then, four years of unrelenting pain taught me difficult lessons about pain. They did, however, lead me eventually to a recovery. I was fortunate enough to recover from a life of total disability to a life that is productive and of greater worth to me and others, especially my family. I feel very appreciative to the University of Utah Pain Management Center for retraining me in Pain Medicine and fortunate to be able to provide care to those with chronic pain.

Now, I am passionate about Pain Medicine. If you follow my journey, you will learn many of the lessons that I wish someone had told me when I first started on this road. I am hopeful that everyone might find hope and rebirth from the dark and lonely world of chronic pain.

David J Barton, MD

Born and raised in upstate New York.

Medical Degree from the University of Utah, 1984

Residency in General Surgery, Kaiser-Permanent Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA

Residency in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, University of Utah, SLC, Utah

Plastic Surgery Research Fellowship, University of Southern California, LA, CA

Fellowship in Pain Medicine, University of Utah Pain Management Center, University of Utah Health Sciences Center, Salt Lake City, Utah.

Certified American Board of Surgery, 1992

Certified American Board of Plastic Surgery, 1995

Certified American Board of Pain Medicine, 2005

Member: American Society of Plastic Surgeons

Dr. David J. Barton is associated with The Auburn Pain Rehabilitation Medical Clinic, in Auburn, California, east of Sacramento off I-80

We are located at:

3272 Fortune Court

Auburn, CA


My Passions: Family, Family Pets, Early American History, Barton Family History (see bartonsite.org), Music and the Arts, Pain Medicine and Medicine in General, Wood Working, Home Projects (never finished, but that is good enough; multi-50% effort and don't go near the pain threshold). I wish I could return to sports, skiing, etc. but alas!

My own pain level averages 2-5/10. I have to do the program everyday to keep it at a two. Sleep, stretching, etc.


Questions, Responses, and Any Corrections should be emailed to:

Those who wish any proprietary images be removed from this site should contact me, and they will be removed. It is my intention to give as much credit as possible to those individuals whose works I have incorporated into my program. I will eventually be able to put up the resources and places where the books can be bought. I also wish to thank all those who helped me over the past ten difficult years.